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The Sound Singer podcast hopes to inspire, entertain and engage listeners on a variety of topics that vocal performers and singers face. Hosted by voice coach Alida of Alida Vocal Studio, the podcast features guest experts and artists on topics related to health, well-being, technique, style, artistry, creativity, performance and mindset. This is a safe place for singers and professional voice users to be informed, boost motivation to live well and perform optimally.

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Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

My guest for this episode is Will Reynolds.  Will is an actor, writer, teaching artist and the creator of the Inspired Actions Method™. He is the composer of the acclaimed Studio Cast Recording of THE VIOLET HOUR which has hit 1 million streams and counting.  Will is also the co-founder of This MT Space - a musical theatre songwriting education platform.  
In this episode, we chat about Will's hilarious viral videos featuring duets with animals and his love of creating.  He shares his journey of being the composer for The Violet Hour and offers some much needed advice on how to best prepare for auditions.  With his passionate delivery, he educates us on the importance of changing the narrative around rejection, letting go of fear and how to approach storytelling.  With his background and expertise in coaching, he inspires us to "get out of our heads and into the room" and reminds us that "art is an act of service."
[00:01:12] viral videos of duets with dogs and cats
[00:05:15] making of a musical album
[00:07:02] The Violet Hour
[00:14:30] the future of theatre post pandemic
[00:21:40] how performing artists can deal with rejection
[00:23:05] the audition room - how to prepare
[00:25:32] how to prepare for a self-tape audition
[00:29:01] overcoming self-consciousness and fear
[00:31:46] rehearsing for auditions
[00:42:19] technique vs performance
[00:44:13] how performance mode can help your vocals
[00:47:14] from performer to creator, you're not just a performer
[00:50:05] art as an act of service
Will's Instagram:  @willcreynolds
Will's TikTok: @willcreynolds
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Sunday Nov 05, 2023

In this episode, I speak with with Lachuné Boyd.  Lachuné ia a multi-talented performer, recording artist and voice teacher.  She shares her remarkable journey from her early days singing in church, to becoming a semifinalist on America's Got Talent, Season 18.  
Lachuné talks about how her creative process and passion for authenticity have shaped her teaching style and growth as a performer. Her unique musical journey and her passion for connecting with audiences shows up in her heartfelt performances. 
[00:01:19] Lachuné's journey into music
[00:04:09] Discovering her passion for teaching
[00:08:12] Celebrating accomplishments in singing
[00:12:39] Auditioning for AGT, the judges feedback and advice for singers
[00:15:47] Authentic performances - from head to heart
[00:18:49] Lachuné’s creative process 
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Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

In this episode, I speak with Charles Simmons.  Charles has dedicated his life to music, performing arts and fitness. He is a singer, musician, performer, vocal coach, and fitness trainer and has spent over 20 years mentoring vocal athletes and athletes.
Charles shares with us his exciting journey from being a live performer to recently becoming a musical theatre actor. He talks about his unexpected performance journey which led him to audition and ultimately land the role of George Washington. He is currently starring in the UK tour of Hamilton. 
Charles took the leap into the world of musical theatre and shares his experiences and challenges along the way.  He offers sound advice on how to improve your endurance and overall physical fitness as a performer.  Tune in to hear his wisdom and get ready to be inspired!  With perseverance, determination and it's never too late to conquer your dreams! 
{00:00} Charles' journey and unexpected opportunity in musical theatre
[00:05:21]the role of George Washington in Hamilton.
[00:08:32] singing in two different languages
[00:12:44] voice training and physicality
[00:16:38] physical warm-ups, cardio and vocalizing
[00:21:33] the importance of strength training for performers
[00:27:31] performance nerves & finding joy in your pre-show routine
[00:31:24] advice for performers to succeed  - be unique!
[00:33:22] it's never too late to follow your dreams
[00:37:43] Charles' online presence
Follow Charles on IG @the_charles_simmons
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Thank you so much for listening!  Your support has made a huge impact on The Sound Singer.  We have now reached 1000 downloads since we launched this podcast 1 year ago.  
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Sunday Sep 24, 2023

In this episode, I speak with one of North America’s premier vocal coaches, Spencer Welch. 
Well known for breaking down complex vocal concepts into easy-to-understand explanations and tips, Spencer is often hired to prepare recording artists and actors for studio, concert, theatre and film work. 
He is a teacher of teachers, training and certifying singing instructors world-wide.
He’s also my long time voice teacher and for over two decades, has been one of my vocal mentors - equipping me, along with many of my voice colleagues,  with the tools and a much better understanding of how to teach the art of contemporary singing.
This episode covers: 
-Spencer’s journey as a life long musician, boy band singer and university student.
-His quest for “the middle” 
-Why exactly does our voice 'break'?
-The two different kinds of singers
-Is there really such thing as “mix voice” or “the middle”?
-Do high voice singers and low voice singers have the same issues?
-What are the most common challenges for singers today?  Keys keep getting higher...
-What a vocal coach can help with
-What does working with an injured singer look like?
-How to stop bad habits as a singer
-What does it mean to be “classically trained” and is that still a thing?
-Vibrato in the voice
-How to get more confident as a singer
-Can we really ever sound like Freddy Mercury?
-Mindset and accepting our voices
-Why the term Vocal Athlete may be misunderstood
-Why do we make funny sounds in training?
-How long do we need to practice to make progress? It’s not as long as you think!
-The realities of training for auditions or performances
-The secret to true artistic expression as a singer
You can find out more about Spencer Welch here: 
Instagram: @spencerwelchstudio

Sunday Aug 20, 2023

In this episode, I speak with Duncan Rock. Duncan is a healthcare practitioner and opera singer.  As a singer he has spent over a decade singing roles in some of the world’s leading opera houses.  As a healthcare practitioner, he holds masters degrees in both physiotherapy and nutritional science.  He is a leading expert on nutrition for singers and professional voice users.  
His platform, called The Vocal Pro Health Hub, specializes in providing the latest nutritional and vocal health information.
This episode covers:
Duncan’s story from international opera singer to health practitioner
The most common issue voice users face when it comes to nutrition
Misinformation about nutrition
How to stop under-nourishing yourself as a performer
Meal timing before performances - what’s the best time to eat?
What should we eat before to help us fuel for performance?
Do spicy foods or sparkling drinks cause reflux?
What can help with reflux symptoms?
Do milk and dairy products actually cause issues for the voice? 
The myth of honey lemon tea for singers 
How much hydration should we aim for as singers or voice users
Duncan's Youtube videos as mentioned:
Honey Lemon Tea
Reflux, Nutrition and Hydration
Duncan's Instagram

Sunday Aug 13, 2023

In this episode, I speak with Abby Halpin.  Abby holds her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and specializes in injury prevention, treatment, performance and fitness coaching for musicians, singers and performing artists. 
She is an avid athlete and her goal is to share the resources that sports fans and athletes have had access to for a long time with singers, musicians, and performers. 
This episode covers:
- Abby's journey to working with musicians and vocal performers
- The role of a physical therapist on a voice team
- Why singers don't need to fear strength training impacting their voice --Abby's recent presentation at the Performing Arts Medicine Conference
- How being stronger helps you to have better voicing
- Myths around proper posture - your posture may not be working for you
- Physical tips for performers who play guitar and sing
- Gymtimidation - how can musicians and performers get past the feeling of insecurity when training at a gym
You can find Abby:
Instagram:  @forteperformancept
Her podcast:

Thursday Jul 27, 2023

In this episode, I speak with Ruby Rose Fox. Ruby is a multi-award winning artist, vocal and creative coach and mental health pioneer.
She’s the co-founder of Muscle Music, a trauma-informed program for recording and performing artists aimed at revolutionizing our understanding of how our nervous system works. 
This episode covers:
Ruby Rose’s artistic journey to now helping other artists.
Nervous system regulation.
How leaders and teachers need to show their vulnerability. 
Un-shame yourself on stage - How to deal with stage fright.
How to be able to watch your performance back without cringing with shame.
Why can’t some singers sing loud?
How personal experiences and trauma can affect your voice.
How the Muscle Music App can help you as an artist. 
Becoming nervous system literate. 
How muscle contraction helps us regulate - polyvagal theory
IG: @musclemusic__/

Sunday Jul 16, 2023

Wendy Parr, The Holistic Artist Coach + Founder of The Parr Method has spent more than 20 years in the entertainment industry empowering recording artists to develop their authentic voice with consistency across every platform.
The Parr Method has been the engine behind GRAMMY and ACADEMY award winning results. With over 20 years coaching top music artists like Melanie Martinez, Sara Bareilles, Marc Bassy AND taking A Great Big World from their very 1st vocal session to a GRAMMY. The Parr Method was also the driving force behind co-writing Dreams on Fire with AR Rahman for the soundtrack for Slum Dog Millionaire, which was nominated and won a GRAMMY
She is a world-renowned vocal coach, Grammy Award winning songwriter, vocal producer, speaker, and educator. 
Under her guidance, artists are learning to follow their instincts, push through personal and creative limitations, and ultimately chart their own course to the next level of their careers.
This episode covers:
- Wendy's artistic journey from performer to holistic artist coach 
- The key ingredients to a fulfilling and success career as an artist
- What blocks creators from showing their most authentic selves.
- Not fearing your audience, what is there to fear?
- Entertaining vs showing up as your vulnerable authentic self.
- The biggest obstacle artists face in today’s music industry.  Have things improved?
- How artists can balance vocal technique with their style. Why artists shouldn't fear technique. How your songwriting can improve with better technique. 
-The realities of fame and the pressure of the music industry. 
-Looking out for yourself as an artist, having boundaries. 
IG: @wendyparr

Sunday Jun 18, 2023

In this episode, I speak with Stephen King.  Stephen is the founder of The Voice Care Centre and an Integrative Therapist at the Centre for Mental Wellness.
Stephen currently sits as the Director of London’s award-winning, multidisciplinary Voice Care Centre, where he still occasionally gives treatments to people with voice problems seeking biopsychosocial management of their ongoing issues.  
On the podcast, he shares his expertise covering various topics including different therapeutic practices, professional boundaries, the impact of nature on mental health, the importance of having a spiritual practice, ADHD, and more.
Stephen is an inspirational and philosophical speaker and shares his own personal journey of therapy which ultimately led him to becoming a therapist himself.
This episode covers:
-How Stephen started in the world of mental and vocal health
-Different therapeutic practices and how one can find out what best suits their healing journey
-Not everybody heals the same
-Having professional boundaries as a therapist, a coach, or a teacher
-Singing lessons vs therapy 
-Lack of connection in the modern world
-Nature and how it impacts our mental health
-Stephen’s Voice Care for Singers Course
-Stephen’s advice to artists struggling with mental health and embarking on their healing journey
-What to do if you are struggling to create art
-The importance of having aa spiritual practice
-ADHD as a neurodevelopment disorder and not trauma as often misinterpreted
Instagram: centreformentalwellness
Clinic (London): Voice Care Centre
Facebook: Voice Care Centre

Sunday Jun 11, 2023

In this episode, I speak with Mindy Pack.  Mindy works directly with some of the biggest names in the industry as their voice coach including Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Brandi Carlile, Justin Timberlake, The Lumineers, Halsey, and many others. These artists have applied Mindy's vocal technique and Vocal Tract Reconditioning to help them achieve optimal performance on long tours. 
Mindy is also a clinical vocologist, accredited and licensed massage therapist, and founder of The Voice Straw. 
This episode covers:
-Mindy's multi-tasking career in the music industry
-working with artists preparing for tour
-vocal injury risk prevention 
-collaborating with other vocal coaches in the industry
-vocal technique for recording artists 
-cooling down after a show
-advocating for artists
-our role as vocal coaches
-the biggest obstacles recording artists face in today's industry
-laryngeal massage
-The Voice Straw
Take 10% off The Voice Straw kit using this link. 
IG: @mindypack  @thevoicestraw 

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